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Bay Breeze Restaurant -
on the Waterfront Dining in Birch Bay

As Birch Bay’s only waterside restaurant, Bay Breeze Restaurant and Bar offers some of the most stunning views of the bay and is an ideal place for the community and visitors to eat, drink, and relax while taking in bay views.
We are a family-friendly restaurant serving locally sourced traditional American cuisine. We are dedicated to providing the best food and customer service to all our guests.

Bay Breeze Restaurant & Bar Reception Area.

A little bit of history.

The first people to inhabit the Birch Bay area were indigenous people of the Coast Salish. Originally, Birch Bay was home to the “Semiahmoo” tribe, a peaceful Salish tribe. The Semiahmoo tribe shared the bounty of Birch Bay with members of the Lummi and Nooksack tribes. The Lummi Indians called Birch Bay “Straf-a-wa”, which means “the place for clams”.

The Spaniards arrived in Birch Bay first in the 1790s. But the British expedition of Admiral Vancouver followed, with him promptly claiming the bay as British territory. A member of his expedition named the bay “Birch Bay” for the abundance of black Birch trees growing here.

The 1850’s brought significant numbers of settlers to the area, but not to settle here. Fortune laid north of the border in the Fraser River Valley gold fields of British Columbia. It wouldn’t be until the late 1870s that Birch Bay would get its first settlers.

In the 1950s, Birch Bay’s growth accelerated after the end of World War II. The area was developed as a crowded summer vacation destination and dotted with hundreds of family get-a-ways cottages and cabins. Some of these cabin/resort names consisted of; Edgewater Resort, Shore Acres, Holiday Shores, North Shore Acres, Birch Bay Trailer Park & Campground, Triangle Resort, Idlesse Camp, Lora Park Cabins, Dodd’s Birch Bay Resort & Camping Area, plus many more. A wall print in our lobby showcases all these locations from this era.

Several bath house facilities also formed along the shoreline to accommodate seasonal tourists flocking to the two mile wide horseshoe bay. One of those bath houses stands today as “Bay Breeze Restaurant & Bar.” Not far from this spot stood Birch Bay Amusement Park with a Ferris wheel, developed to cater to tourists as well as locals. Birch Bay was now in the early stages of becoming a resort destination.

Birch Bay today.

Known several years ago as the “Lost Resort”, today Birch Bay is hardly known as anything but lost. Birch Bay has been re-discovered becoming one of the fastest growing communities in Whatcom County. It’s not only a popular resort community but home to over 8,000 year-round residents and the summertime population swelling to over 20,000.

Birch Bay is filled with fun and excitement for all ages. Here you can enjoy a robust array of year-round events; Annual Birch Bay Polar Bear Plunge (New Year’s Day), Birch Bay Marathon (February), Wings Over Water Northwest Birding Festival (March), Ring of Fire and Hope (New Year’s Eve). For a complete up-to-date list of Birch Bay events, visit Birch Bay Chamber’s website.

There’s always something for everyone to do; bike riding around the bay, digging clams, kayaking, flying a kite, paddle boarding, walking the tide flats at low tide or having fabulous cuisine here with us at Bay Breeze Restaurant & Bar.

Take a stroll down memory lane . . .

Enjoy a few nostalgic photographs from Birch Bay’s past.

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